Study Guide for Wong's Essentials of Pediatric Nursing, 9th Edition

Study Guide for Wong's Essentials of Pediatric Nursing

9th Edition

By Marilyn J. Hockenberry, PhD, RN, PNP-BC, FAAN, Professor Duke School of Nursing; Chair, Duke Institutional Research Board Duke University Durham, North Carolina and Kelley Ward, PhD, RNC, Private Practice; Former Faculty at Langston, Tulsa, OK, USA

1. Perspectives of Pediatric Nursing
2. Community-Based Nursing Care of the Child and Family
3. Family Influences on Child Health Promotion
4. Social, Cultural, and Religious Influences on Child Health Promotion
5. Developmental and Genetic Influences on Child Health Promotion
6. Communication, History, and Physical Assessment of the Child
7. Pain Assessment and Management in Children
8. Health Promotion of the Newborn and Family
9. Health Problems of Newborns
10. Health Promotion of the Infant and Family
11. Health Problems of Infants
12. Health Promotion of the Toddler and Family
13. Health Promotion of the Preschooler and Family
14. Health Problems of Toddlers and Preschoolers
15. Health Promotion of the School-Age Child and Family
16. Health Promotion of the Adolescent and Family
17. Health Problems of School-Age Children and Adolescents
18. Quality of Life for Children Living with Chronic or Complex Diseases
19. Impact of Cognitive or Sensory Impairment on the Child and Family
20. Family-Centered Home Care
21. Family-Centered Care of the Child During Illness and Hospitalization
22. Pediatric Variations of Nursing Interventions
23. The Child with Respiratory Dysfunction
24. The Child with Gastrointestinal Dysfunction
25. The Child with Cardiovascular Dysfunction
26. The Child with Hematologic or Immunologic Dysfunction
27. The Child with Genitourinary Dysfunction
28. The Child with Cerebral Dysfunction
29. The Child with Endocrine Dysfunction
30. The Child with Integumentary Dysfunction
31. The Child with Musculoskeletal or Articular Dysfunction
32. The Child with Neuromuscular or Muscular Dysfunction
Answer Key