Patient Care in Radiography, With an Introduction to Medical Imaging, 8th Edition

Patient Care in Radiography

8th Edition With an Introduction to Medical Imaging

By Ruth Ann Ehrlich, RT(R), Radiology Faculty (Retired), Western States Chiropractic College, Portland, OR; Adjunct Faculty, Portland Community College, Portland, OR

Part I Introduction to Radiography

1. X-ray Production

2. Technical Factors in Radiography

3. Radiation Effects and Radiation Safety

4. Imaging Services in the Healthcare Delivery System

5. Professional Behavior and Legal Considerations


Part II: Patient Care

6. Professional Attitudes and Communications

7. Workplace Safety

8. Infection Control Concepts

9. Infectious Diseases: Preventing Disease Transmission

10. Responding to PatientsŐ Personal and Physical Needs

11. Patient Assessment

12. Patient Transfer

13. Medication Information

14. Medication Administration

15. Emergency Response

16. Dealing with Acute Situations


Part III: Patient Care in Specific Procedures and Environments

17. Preparation and Examination of the Gastrointestinal Tract

18. Surgical Asepsis

19. Contrast Media and Special Radiographic Techniques

20. Mobile Radiography, Special Care Units, and Specialty Equipment

21. Surgical Radiography

22. Special Imaging Modalities



A. Radiography Practice and Standards

B. Informed Consent Form

C. Abbreviated List of Phrases with Guides to Pronunciation for Four Languages

D. Accepted Abbreviations and Descriptive Terms for Charting

E. Incident Report Form/Unusual Occurrence Report

F. Radiology Department Infection Control Procedures

G. Isolation Guidelines

H. Two- and Three-Person Lift

I. Urine Collection

J. Iodinated Contrast Media Products for Radiography

K. Catheterization Technique


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