Sheehy?s Manual of Emergency Care, 7th Edition

Sheehy?s Manual of Emergency Care

7th Edition

By ENA; Edited by Belinda B Hammond and Polly Gerber Zimmermann, RN, MS, MBA, CEN, Associate Professor, Department of Nursing, Harry S. Truman College, Chicago, IL


1. Legal Issues for Emergency Nurses

2. Workplace Violence and Disruptive Behaviors

3. Mass Casualty Incidents

4. Patient Safety in the Emergency Department

5. Ethical Dilemmas in Emergency Nursing

6. Forensics


7. Triage

8. Airway Management

9. Cardiopulmonary Arrest

10. Intravenous Therapy

11. Care of the Patient with Pain

12. Substance Abuse

13. Alcohol Abuse

14. Wound Management

15. Procedural Sedation

16. Laboratory Specimens and Radiologic Examinations

17. End-of-Life Issues for Emergency Nurses

Part III: Common Non-Traumatic Emergencies

18. Respiratory Emergencies

19. Cardiovascular Emergencies

20. Shock

21. SIRS/Sepsis

22. Infectious Diseases

23. Hematologic and Immunologic Emergencies

24. Stroke

25. Neurologic Emergencies

26. Facial, ENT, and Dental Emergencies

27. Ocular Emergencies

28. Abdominal Pain

29. Metabolic Emergencies

30. Toxicology Emergencies

31. Environmental Emergencies

32. Bite and Sting Emergencies

33. Genitourinary Emergencies

34. Sexually Transmitted Infections

Part IV: Trauma

35. Assessment and Stabilization of the Trauma Patient

36. Head Trauma

37. Spinal Cord/Neck Trauma

38. Chest Trauma

39. Abdominal Trauma

40. Musculoskeletal Injuries

41. Facial, Ocular, ENT, and Dental Trauma

42. Burns

43. Obstetrical Trauma

44. Pediatric Trauma

45. Geriatric Trauma

Part V: Special Populations

46. Obstetric Emergencies

47. Gynecologic Emergencies

48. Mental Health Emergencies

49. Abuse and Neglect

50. Intimate Partner Violence

51. Sexual Assault

52. Pediatric Considerations in Emergency Nursing

53. Geriatric Considerations in Emergency Nursing

54. Considerations for Patient with Morbid Obesity