Drug Calculations, Ratio and Proportion Problems for Clinical Practice, 9th Edition

Drug Calculations

9th Edition Ratio and Proportion Problems for Clinical Practice

By Meta Brown, RN, Med, Retired Colonel, U.S. Army Field Hospital; Nursing Education Consultant; Former Director, Division of Nursing, Gateway Community College, Phoenix, AZ and Joyce L. Mulholland, RNP, Nursing Education Consultant, Tucson, AZ

General Mathematics Self Assessment

1. General Mathematics

2. Ratio & Proportion

3. Safe Medication Administration

4. Drug Measurements and Oral Dose Calculations

5. Injectable Medication Calculations

6. Medication from Powders and Crystals: Oral and Intramuscular

7. Basic Intravenous Calculations

8. Advanced Intravenous Calculations

9. Parenteral Nutrition

10. Insulin

11. Anticoagulants

12. Children's Dosages

Multiple Choice Final

Comprehensive Final

Answer Key