Pharmacy Management Software for Pharmacy Technicians: A Worktext, 2nd Edition

Pharmacy Management Software for Pharmacy Technicians: A Worktext

2nd Edition

By DAA Enterprises, Inc.


  1. Installation
  2. Navigating Visual SuperScript: The Basics

Section I: Community Pharmacy Practice

Lab 1: Adding a Physician or Prescriber to the Database

Lab 2: Adding a New Patient to the Database

Lab 3: Making a Change to the Patient Profile or Prescriber Information

Lab 4: Adding Insurance Plans to the Database

Lab 5: Adding a Drug to the Database and Other Inventory Tasks

Lab 6: Entering a New Prescription

Lab 7: Obtaining a Refill Authorization

Lab 8: Processing a New Prescription for a Prior Drug Approval

Lab 9: Refilling, Transferring, Filing, and Prescription Reversal

Lab 10: Extemporaneous Compounding

Lab 11: Processing a New Prescription for an Insurance Patient

Lab 12: Blister Packing: Batch Filling for a Nursing Home  


Section II: Institutional Pharmacy Practice

Lab 13: Entering New Intravenous Orders

Lab 14: Entering Total Parenteral Nutrition Orders

Lab 15: Entering New Chemotherapy Intravenous Orders  


Section III: Reports

Lab 16: Control Drug Report

Lab 17: Daily Prescription Log Report

Lab 18: Customer History Report


Section IV: Assessment

Lab 19: Community Pharmacy Comprehensive Exercise

Lab 20: Institutional Pharmacy Comprehensive Exercise 



Appendix A: Sig Abbreviation Shortcuts

Appendix B: Community Prescriptions

Appendix C: Nonsterile Extemporaneous Compound Prescriptions 

Appendix D: Intravenous Orders

Appendix E: Chemotherapy orders

Appendix F: Total Parenteral Nutrition Orders