Basic Geriatric Nursing, 5th Edition

Basic Geriatric Nursing

5th Edition

By Gloria Hoffman Wold, RN, BSN, MS, Nursing Instructor, Milwaukee Area Technical College, Milwaukee, WI

Unit One: Overview of Aging

1. Trends and Issues

2. Theories of Aging

3. Physiologic Changes

Unit Two: Basic Skills

4. Health Promotion, Health Maintenance, and Home Health Considerations

5. Communicating with Older Adults

6. Maintaining Fluid Balance and Meeting Nutrition Needs

7. Medications and Older Adults

8. Health Assessment of Older Adults

9. Meeting Safety Needs of Older Adults

Unit Three: Psychosocial Care of the Elderly

10. Cognition and Perception

11. Self-Perception and Self-Concept

12. Roles and Relationships

13. Coping and Stress

14. Values and Beliefs

15. End-of-Life Care

16. Sexuality and Aging

Unit Four: Physical Care of the Elderly

17. Care of Aging Skin and Mucous Membranes

18. Elimination

19. Activity and Exercise

20. Sleep and Rest


Appendix A: Laboratory Values for Older Adults

Appendix B: The Geriatric Depression Scale (GDS)

Appendix C: Modified MyPyramid for Older Adults

Appendix D: Dietary Information for Older Adults

Appendix E: Resources for Older Adults

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