Digital Radiography and PACS - Revised Reprint

Digital Radiography and PACS - Revised Reprint

By Christi Carter, MSRS, RT(R), Faculty Director, Radiologic Science, Brookhaven College, TX and Beth Veale, BSRS, MEd, RT(R)(QM), Associate Professor, Radiologic Sciences, Midwestern State University, TX

Part I Introduction
Ch 1 Comparison of conventional and digital systems

Part II Basic Principles
Ch 2 Basic Computer Concepts
Ch 3 Networking Basics

Part III Digital Radiographic Image Acquisition and Processing
Ch 4 Cassette-based Equipment
Ch 5 Cassette-based Image Acquisition
Ch 6 Cassetteless Equipment and Image Acquisition
Ch 7 Digital Radiographic Image Processing and Manupulation

Ch 8 PACS Workstations
Ch 9 Image Archiving Solutions
Ch 10 Digitizing, Printing and Burning

Part V Quality Control and Quality Management
Ch 11 Ensuring Quality in PACS
Ch 12 Total Quality Management

Abbreviation Table