Immunology for Pharmacy

Immunology for Pharmacy

By Dennis Flaherty, PhD

1. Cells of the Immune System

2. Innate Immunity

3. Immunogenicity and Antigenicity

4. Antigen Presenting Molecules

5. Antigen Presenting Cells

6. Surface Interactions Between T cells and Antigen Presenting Cells

7. Intracellular Signaling and T cell activation

8. B Cell Activation and Signaling

9. Antibodies

10. Antibody Diversity

11. Complement

12. Phagocytosis

13. Antibodies and In Vivo Therapy

14. Antibodies and In Vitro Research and Diagnostic Assays

15. IgE Mediated Reactions

16. Autoimmune Reactions and Transplantation

17. Antigen Processing for Cell Mediated Responses

18. Delayed Hypersensitivity Reactions to Infectious and Contact Allergens

19. Role of Cytotoxic T cells in Defense Against Viruses, Intracellular Parasites, Tumors, and Transplant Rejection

20. Role of Natural Killer Cells in Defense Against Viruses and Tumors

21. Control of the Immune Response

22. Factors that Influence the Immune Response

23. Epidemiology of Vaccine Preventable Diseases

24. Vaccines in Theory and Practice

25. Vaccine-Preventable Diseases

26. AIDS