The Nurse, The Math, The Meds, Drug Calculations Using Dimensional Analysis, 2nd Edition

The Nurse, The Math, The Meds

2nd Edition Drug Calculations Using Dimensional Analysis

By Joyce L. Mulholland, APRN, BC, MA, MS, Nursing Education Consultant, Tucson, AZ

Part I: Essential Math for Medication Calculations
Essential Math Assessment
1. Essential Math Review
2. Dimensional Analysis Calculations
Part II: Modern Metric System and Medication Calculations
3. Measurement Units and Conversions for Medications
4. Patient Records, Medication Orders and Labels
5. Solid and Liquid Oral Dose Calculations
Part III: Reconstituted Medications
6. Syringe Measurements
7. Reconstitution of Powders and Liquids
Part IV: IV Parenteral Medication Calculations
8. Injectable Medication Calculations
9. Basic Intravenous Calculations
10. Advanced Intravenous Calculations
Part V: Oral and Injectable Hormone Calculations
11. Antidiabetic Agents
12. Anticoagulant Agents
Part VI: Medications for Infants and Children
13. Pediatric Medication Calculations
Multiple-Choice Review
Comprehensive Written Final