Conceptual Foundations, The Bridge to Professional Nursing Practice, 5th Edition

Conceptual Foundations

5th Edition The Bridge to Professional Nursing Practice

By Joan L. Creasia, PhD, RN, Dean and Professor, College of Nursing, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN and Elizabeth E. Friberg, DNP, RN, Assistant Professor of Nursing, University of Virginia School of Nursing, Charlottesville, Virginia

Part I: The Context of Professional Nursing Practice
1. Historical Development of Professional Nursing in the United States
2. Pathways of Nursing Education
3. Socialization to Professional Nursing
4. Professional Nursing Roles
5. Theories and Frameworks for Professional Nursing Practice
6. Health Policy and Planning and the Nursing Practice Environment
7. Economic Issues in Nursing and Healthcare
Part II: Dimensions of Professional Nursing Practice
8. Communication Skills and Techniques
9. Critical Thinking, Clinical Judgment, and the Nursing Process
10. Challenges in Teaching and Learning
11. Legal Aspects of Nursing Practice
12. Ethical Dimensions of Nursing and Health Care
13. Health Care Informatics
Part III: Themes in Professional Nursing Practice
14. Diversity in Health and Illness
15. Health and Health Promotion
16. Genetics and Genomics in Professional Nursing
17. Rural Health Concepts
18. Intimate Partner Violence as a Health Care Problem
19. Vulnerable Populations
20. Patient Safety