LPN to RN Transitions, 2nd Edition

LPN to RN Transitions

2nd Edition

By Lora Claywell, MSN, RN, Director of Academic Initiatives, Digital Med, Inc., St. Louis, MO

Part One: Transitioning to the Student Role

Section 1: Understanding Yourself

1. Past, Present, and Future: Assessing Your Accomplishments

2. Identifying Individual Tools

3. Personal Empowerment Skills

Section 2: Becoming a Successful Student

4. Classroom Study Habits That Work

5. Arranging and Accessing Support for Your Professional Move

6. Basic Math Review: Preparing for Medication Calculations ? NEW!

7. Writing Professionally ? NEW!

Part Two: Transitioning to the Registered Nurse Role

Section 3: Understanding the Difference Between LPN and RN

8. Role Transition

9. Nursing: Past and Present Influences

10. Educational Pathways and Expanded Roles ? NEW!

Part Three: The RN as Provider of Care

Section 4: Foundational Concepts

11. Nursing Theory: Guiding Professional Practice ? NEW!

12. Understanding the Nursing Process ? NEW!

13. Thinking and Judgment

Section 5: Incorporating Knowledge Into Practice

14. Knowledge and Skill Acquisition

15. Evidence-Based Practice ? NEW!

Section 6: Essential Functions

16. The RN as a Communicator

17. The RN as a Teacher

Part Four: The RN as Manager of Care

Section 7: Managing the Consumer in the Health-Illness Continuum

18. The RN as a Manager of Care

19. Primary Health Care: Factors Influencing Health Promotion

20. Managing Care in Secondary and Tertiary Health Care

Part Five: The RN as Member of the Discipline

Section 8: Implementing the Member of the Discipline Role

21. The RN as Researcher

22. Ethical and Legal Considerations ? NEW!

23. Putting It All Together

Appendix A: Math Practice Problem Answers

Appendix B: A Patient?s Bill of Rights

Appendix C: NANDA Nursing Diagnoses