Quality Management in the Imaging Sciences, 4th Edition

Quality Management in the Imaging Sciences

4th Edition

By Jeffrey Papp, PhD, RT(R) (QM), Professor of Physics and Diagnostic Imaging, College of DuPage, Glen Ellyn, IL

1. Introduction to Quality Management

2. Quality Management Tools and Procedures

3. Film/Screen Image Receptors, Darkrooms, and Viewing Conditions

4. Film Processing

5. Processor Quality Control

6. Silver Recovery

7. Quality Control of X-Ray Generators and Ancillary Radiographic Equipment

8. Quality Control of Fluoroscopic Equipment

9. Advanced Imaging Equipment

10. Outcomes Assessment of Radiographic Images

11. Mammographic Quality Standards

12. Quality Control in Computed Tomography

13. Quality Control for Magnetic Resonance Imaging Equipment

14. Ultrasound Equipment Quality Assurance

15. Quality Assurance in Nuclear Medicine


Appendix A. Review of Radiographic Quality

Appendix B. Agencies, Organizations, and Committees in Quality Assurance



Answers to Review Questions