Current Therapy in Orthodontics

Current Therapy in Orthodontics

By Ravindra Nanda, BDS, MDS, PhD, Professor and Head, Department of Craniofacial Sciences; Chair, Division of Orthodontics, School of Dental Medicine, University of Connecticut Health Center, Farmington, CT; and Sunil Kapila, Department of Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry, School of Dentistry, The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

Part 1: Orthodontic Diagnosis and Treatment

1. Quality of Life as an Indicator for Orthodontic Treatment

B. Prahl-Andersen

2. Patient Compliance in Orthodontic Practice

Pramod K. Sinha

3. Cephalomorphic and Biologic Approach to Diagnosis and Treatment

Leonard S. Fishman

4. Occlusal Patterns in Orthodontic Patients: Using the Occlusal Force Measuring System

Yukio Kitafusa

5. 3-D Superimposition for Quantification of Treatment Outcomes

Lucia H.S. Cevidanes, Martin Styner, William R. Proffit

6. Bonding in Orthodontics

Serdar Üsümez, Nejat Erverdi

7. The Implications of Bracket Selection and Bracket Placement on Expressed Tooth Movement and Finishing Details

Anoop Sondhi

8. Quality Orthodontics: Going Against the Popular Trends

Björn U. Zachrisson

Part 2: Clinical Management of Sagittal and Vertical Discrepancies

9. Functional Treatment Objectives

William J. Clark

10. Hybrid Functional Appliances for Management of Class II Malocclusions

Tarisai Dandajena

11. Class II Combination Therapy: Molar Distalization and Fixed Functionals; Reducing Requirements of Patient Compliance for Predictable Completion of Treatment

S. Jay Bowman

12. Maxillary Deficiency Syndrome

James A. McNamara, Jr.

13. Effective Maxillary Protraction for Class III Patients

Peter Ngan

14. Etiological and Therapeutic Consideration of Open Bite

Kazunori Yamaguchi

15. Efficient Mechanics and Appliances to Correct Vertical Excess and Open Bite Patients

Flavio Andres Uribe, Ravindra Nanda

16. Etiology, Diagnosis and Treatment of Deep Bite Malocclusion

Madhur Upadhyay, Ravindra Nanda

Part 3: Management of Adult and Complex Cases

17: Orthodontic Treatment in Adult Patients With Reduced Periodontal Attachment

Julia Harfin

18. Diastemas: Is Permanent Retention Really Necessary?

Thomas F. Mulligan

19. Selective Mechanics in Complex and Compromised Cases

Sunil Kapila, Scott Conley

20. Orthodontics? Role in Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Richard S. Conley, Harry L. Legan

21. Optimizing Esthetics for the Interdisciplinary Patient

Vincent G. Kokich

22. Temporary Anchorage Devices: Biomechanical Opportunities and Challenges

Bhavna Shroff, Steven J. Lindauer

23. The Use of Microimplants in Orthodontics

Hyo-Sang Park

24. Predictable Distalization of Molars in Nongrowing Patients with Temporary Anchorage
Device Utilizing Titanium Miniplates

25. Rapid Tooth Movement and Effective Anchorage Control by Using Dentoalveolar Distraction Osteogenesis (DAD)

Haluk Iseri, Gokmen Kurt, Reha Kisnisci

Part 4: Applications of Biomedicine to Orthodontics

26. Mechanotransduction of Orthodontic Forces

Sunil Wadhwa, Ravindra Nanda, Carol Pilbeam

27. Orthodontic Root Resorption

Gregory J. King

28. Restoration of Oral and Craniofacial Defects by Stem Cells and Bioengineering Approaches

Jin Kim, Candice Zemnick, Jeremy Mao