Mosby's Complementary & Alternative Medicine, A Research-Based Approach, 3rd Edition

Mosby's Complementary & Alternative Medicine

3rd Edition A Research-Based Approach

By Lyn W. Freeman, PhD, President, Mind Matters Research, Anchoragr AK; Executive Faculty, Saybrook Graduate School and Research Center, San Francisco, CA

PART ONE: Mind-Body Integration

1: Physiologic Pathways of Mind-Body Medicine

2: Research on Mind-Body Effects

3: Psychoneuroimmunology and Conditioning of Immune Functioning

4: How Relationships and Life Events Affect Health: Human Studies

PART TWO: Mind-Body Interventions

5: Relaxation Therapy

6: Meditation

7: Biofeedback

8: Hypnosis

9: Imagery

PART THREE: Alternative Professionals

10: Chiropractic

11: Acupuncture

12: Homeopathy: Like Cures Like

13: Massage Therapy

14: Aromatherapy

PART FOUR: Complementary Self-Help Strategies

15: Herbs as Medical Intervention

16: Exercise as an Alternative Therapy

PART FIVE: Energetics and Spirituality

17: Spirituality and Healing

18: Therapeutic Touch: Healing with Energy

19: Reiki: An Ancient Therapy in Modern Times by Jeanette Plodek NEW!

20: Measurement of the Human Biofield by Beverly Rubik NEW!

21: The Future of Ethnomedicine by Stanley Krippner NEW!

Appendix A: Answers to Multiple Choice and Matching Questions

Appendix B: Organizations & Associations

Appendix C: Internet Resources