Manual of Pulmonary Function Testing, 9th Edition

Manual of Pulmonary Function Testing

9th Edition

By Gregg L. Ruppel, MEd, RRT, RPFT, FAARC, Director, Pulmonary Function Laboratory, St. Louis University Hospital, St. Louis, MO

1. Indications for Pulmonary Function Testing

2. Spirometry and Related Tests

3. Lung Volumes and Gas Distribution Tests

4. Ventilation and Ventilatory Control Tests

5. Diffusing Capacity Tests

6. Blood Bases and Related Tests

7. Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing ? EXPANDED!

8. Pediatric Pulmonary Function Testing

9. Specialized Test Regimens ? EXPANDED!

10. Pulmonary Function Testing Equipment ? EXPANDED!

11. Quality Assurance in the Pulmonary Function Laboratory


A. Answers to Self-Assessment Questions

B. Reference Values

C. Conversion and Correction Factors

D. Regulations and Regulatory Agencies

E. Useful Equations

F. Sample Calculations

G. The Mean and Standard Deviation