Rehabilitation Nursing, Prevention, Intervention, and Outcomes, 4th Edition

Rehabilitation Nursing

4th Edition Prevention, Intervention, and Outcomes

By Shirley P. Hoeman, PhD, MPH, RN, CRRN, CS, Health Systems Consultations, International, Naples, MA

Part I Foundations of Rehabilitation Nursing

1 History, Issues, and Trends

2 Theory and Practice: Models for Rehabilitation Nursing

3 Legal and Ethical Issues in Rehabilitation Nursing

4 Research-Based Rehabilitation Nursing Practice

5 Outcome-Directed Client and Family Education

6 Cultural and Medical Systems: Conventional, Alternative, and Complementary Health Patterns

7 Pharmacology for Rehabilitation Nursing

Part II Management for Client-Centered Programs

8 Administration and Leadership

9 Quality: Indicators and Management

10 Patient Safety

11 Evaluation and Outcome Measures

12 Community-Based Rehabilitation

13 Case Management

Part III Health Patterns: Systems Functions

14 Functional Mobility

15 Skin Integrity

16 Nourishment and Swallowing

17 Respiration and Pulmonary Rehabilitation

18 Bladder Elimination and Continence

19 Bowel Elimination and Regulation

20 Muscle and Skeletal Function

21 Neuromuscular Disorders

Part IV Health Patterns: Psychosocial Functions

22 Client and Family Coping

23 Rehabilitation Involving the Senses, Sensation, Perception, and Pain

24 Communication: Language and Pragmatics

25 Cognition and Behavior

26 Sleep

27 Sexuality

28 Lifestyle / Recreation

29 Spirituality

Pat V Restoration and Rehabilitation: Special Populations

30 Rehabilitation Nursing Care of People with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities

31 Pediatric Rehabilitation Nursing

32 Gerontological Rehabilitation Nursing

33 Cardiac and Cardiovascular Rehabilitation

34 Restoration After Burn Injury

35 The Regulatory and Immune Systems and the Client with HIV

36 Renal Rehabilitation

37 Cancer Rehabilitation