Health Careers Today, 4th Edition

Health Careers Today

4th Edition

By Judith Gerdin, BSN, MS, Paradise Valley High School, Phoenix, AZ

Unit One - Core Knowledge

Chapter 1: Health Care of the Past, Present, and Future

Chapter 2: Interpersonal Dynamics and Communication

Chapter 3: Safety Practices

Chapter 4: Legal and Ethical Principles

Chapter 5: Culture and Health Care

Chapter 6: Employability Skills

Chapter 7: Foundation Skills

Chapter 8: Wellness, Growth, and Development

Unit Two - Anatomy and Physiology

Chapter 9: Body Organization

Chapter 10: Integumentary System

Chapter 11: Cardiovascular System

Chapter 12: Circulatory System

Chapter 13: Respiratory System

Chapter 14: Skeletal System

Chapter 15: Muscular System

Chapter 16: Digestive System

Chapter 17: Urinary System

Chapter 18: Endocrine System

Chapter 19: Nervous System

Chapter 20: Sensory System

Chapter 21: Reproductive System

Unit Three - Career Clusters

Chapter 22: Laboratory Careers

Chapter 23: Imaging Careers

Chapter 24: Nursing Careers

Chapter 25: Medical Careers

Chapter 26: Dental Careers

Chapter 27: Complementary and Alternative Careers

Chapter 28: Veterinary Careers

Chapter 29: Community and Social Careers

Chapter 30: Mental Health Careers

Chapter 31: Rehabilitative Careers

Chapter 32: Emergency Health Careers

Chapter 33: Information and Administration Careers

Chapter 34: Environmental Careers

Chapter 35: Biotechnology Careers


I: Common Prefixes, Word Roots, and Suffixes

II: Abbreviations and Symbols

III: Vitamins and Minerals