Virtual Clinical Excursions 3.0 for Foundations of Nursing, 5th Edition

Virtual Clinical Excursions 3.0 for Foundations of Nursing

5th Edition

By Barbara Lauritsen Christensen, MS, RN, Nurse Educator, Mid-Plains Community College, North Platte, NE

Getting Started

Getting Set Up

A Quick Tour

A Detailed Tour

Reducing Medication Errors

Unit 1: Basic Nursing Concepts

Lesson 1: An Overview of Communication Barriers

Lesson 2: The Nursing Assessment

Lesson 3: The Nursing Process

Unit 2: Grief, Death, and Dying

Lesson 4: Establishment of End-of-Life Wishes

Lesson 5: Care of the Dying Patient

Unit 3: Care of the Postoperative Patient

Lesson 6: Assessment of Vital Signs

Lesson 7: Care of the Surgical Wound

Lesson 8: Pain Management

Unit 4: Patient Safety and Mobility

Lesson 9: Patient Safety

Lesson 10: Patient Mobility

Unit 5: Nutrition, Fluid, and Electrolyte Balance

Lesson 11: Nutritional Assessment in a Malnourished Patient

Lesson 12: Nutritional Assessment in an Overweight Patient

Unit 6: Mental Health Nursing

Lesson 13: Basic Mental Health Nursing Concepts

Lesson 14: Care of the Patient with a Psychiatric Disorder

Unit 7: Care of the Older Adult

Lesson 15: Life Span Development

Lesson 16: Health Promotion in the Older Adult