Immunology for Medical Students, With STUDENT CONSULT Online Access, 2nd Edition

Immunology for Medical Students

2nd Edition With STUDENT CONSULT Online Access

By Roderick Nairn, PhD, Professor and Chair, Department of Medical Microbiology and Immunology, Creighton School of Medicine, Omaha, NE; and Matthew Helbert, MBChB, MRCP, MRCPath, PhD, Consultant Immunologist, Department of Immunology, Manchester Royal Infirmary, Manchester, UK

Section one: Introduction

1. Basic concepts and components of the immune system

2. Basic concepts

Section two: Antigen-recognition molecules

3. Introduction to antigen recognition

4. Antigens and antibody structure

5. Antibody-antigen interaction

6. Antibody diversity

7. The T cell receptor

8. Major histocompatibility complex

9. Review of antigen recognition

Section three: Physiology

10. Antigen processing and presentation

11. Lymphocyte activation

12. Hematopoiesis

13. The organs and tissues of the immune system

14. B cell development

15. T cell development

16. Cell-cell interaction in generating effector lymphocytes

17. Immunological memory

18. Review of immune physiology

Section four: Innate Immunity

19. Constitutive defenses including complement

20. Phagocytes

21. Killing in the immune system

22. Inflammation

23. Review of innate immunity

Section five: Immune system in health and disease

24. Infections and vaccines

25. Hypersensitivity reactions

26. Immediate hypersensitivity (type I): allergy

27. Autoimmunity

28. Antibody-mediated hypersensitivity (type II)

29. Immune complex disease (type III hypersensitivity)

30. Delayed hypersensitivity (type IV)

31. Primary immunodeficiency

32. Secondary immunodeficiency

33. Transplantation

34. Tumor immunology

35. Immunotherapies

36. Review of immunity in health and disease