Oncology Nursing, 5th Edition

Oncology Nursing

5th Edition

By Martha Langhorne, MSN, RN, FNP, AOCN, Advanced Practice Nurse, Oncology/Nursing Education and Research, United Health Services Hospitals, Johnson City; Nurse Practitioner, United Medical Associates Gastroenterology, Binghamton, Ny; Janet Fulton, PhD, RN, Associate Professor, Indiana University, School of Nursing, Indianapolis, IN; and Shirley E. Otto, MSN, CRNI, AOCN, Consultant, Formerly Clinical Nurse Specialist, Via Christi Regional Medical Center, St. Francis Campus, Wichita, KS

Unit I. Clinical Aspects of Cancer Diagnosis

1. Pathophysiology

2. Genetics

3. Epidemiology

4. Prevention, Screening, and Detection

5. Diagnosis and Staging

Unit II. Clinical Management of Major Cancers

6. Brain and Central Nervous System Cancers

7. Breast Cancer

8. Colorectal Cancers

9. Gastrointestinal Cancers

10. Genitourinary Cancers

11. Gynecologic Cancers

12. Head and Neck Cancers

13. Leukemia

14. Lung Cancer

15. Malignant Lymphoma

16. Multiple Myeloma

17. Skin Cancers

18. Pediatric Cancers

Unit III. Cancer Treatment Modalities

19. Surgery

20. Radiation Therapy

21. Chemotherapy

22. Biotherapy

23. Bone Marrow and Stem Cell Transplant

24. Complications of Cancer Treatments

25. Cancer Clinical Trials

Unit IV. Cancer Care Supportive Therapies

26. Nutrition

27. Skin Integrity?NEW!

28. Bone Marrow Suppression?NEW!

29. Oral Mucositis?NEW!

30. Psychosocial Issues, Outcomes, and Quality of Life

31. Impact of Cancer on Sexuality

32. Functional Status?NEW!

33. Patient Education?NEW!

34. Palliative Care?NEW!

35. Family Caregiving?NEW!

36. Ethical Considerations?NEW!

Unit V. Symptom Management?NEW!

37. Fatigue

38. Dyspnea

39. Pain

40. Sleep Disturbance

41. Nausea

42. Hot Flashes