Augmentation Mammaplasty with DVD, Redefining the Patient and Surgeon Experience

Augmentation Mammaplasty with DVD

Redefining the Patient and Surgeon Experience

By John B. Tebbetts, MD, John B. Tebbetts, Private Practice, Dallas, TX

1. Foreword
2. Introduction
3. An historical perspective ? implants, surgeons, and the breast implant industry
4. Patient education and informed consent
5. Imaging of the breast ? what pictures can and cannot do
6. Quantitating patients? tissue characteristics ? the key to taking augmentation to the next level and optimizing long-term outcomes
7. Data acquisition and management for breast augmentation ? preoperative assessment
8. Breast implants and implant soft-tissue dynamics ? the next level of surgeon understanding that determines long-term outcomes for the patient
9. Implant pocket locations for augmentation
10. Incision approaches for augmentation
11. Operative planning and implant selection
12. Implant volume selection based on tissue criteria ? the TEPID TM system
13. Preoperative preparation and marking
14. Preoperative care and anesthesia for augmentation
15. Surgical techniques and instrumentation for augmentation: the essential principles
16. The inframammary approach for augmentation
17. The axillary approach for augmentation
18. The periareolar approach for augmentation
19. The umbilical approach for augmentation
20. Perioperative and postoperative care
21. Redefining patient recovery ? 24-hour return to normal activities
22. Management of specific breast deformities and problems
23. Augmentation ? mastopexy
24. Capsular contracture and tissue stretch: factors the patients and surgeon can?t control
25. Complications of breast augmentation: decisions and methods
26. Surgical facility design and management
27. Experience with saline anatomic breast implants ? the McGhan Style 468
28. Experience with saline anatomic breast implants ? the McGhan Style 410
29. The future: challenges and directions