Primary Rhinoplasty with DVD, 2nd Edition

Primary Rhinoplasty with DVD

2nd Edition

By John B. Tebbetts, MD, John B. Tebbetts, Private Practice, Dallas, Texas





1. Principles of nondestructive tip rhinoplasty

2. The sequence of rhinoplasty: integrating techniques for efficacy

3. Clinical assessment and operative planning

4. Incisions in rhinoplasty

5. Skeletonization

6. Primary tip assessment and modification

7. Primary modification of the dorsum

8. Septum, ethmoid and vomer

9. Osteotomies

10. Secondary tip modification: shaping and positioning the nasal tip using nondestructive techniques

11. Secondary dorsum modifications

12. The lip-nose complex

13. Alar base modification, the vestibular lining and inclusional closures

14. Splinting, dressings

15. Preoperative, Anesthetic, and Postoperative Management


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