Treatment Planning in Dentistry, 2nd Edition

Treatment Planning in Dentistry

2nd Edition

By Stephen J. Stefanac, DDS, MS, Assistant Dean for Patient Care, Professor, Oral Medicine, Pathology and Oncology, University of Michigan School of Dentistry, Ann Arbor, MI; and Samuel P. Nesbit, DDS, MS, Director of Patient Admissions and Director of the Diagnosis and Treatment Planning Service, University of North Carolina School of Dentistry, Chapel Hill, NC

Part I: The Treatment Planning Process

1. Information Gathering and Diagnosis Development

2. Assessment of Risk, Prognosis, and Expected Outcomes of Treatment

3. Developing the Treatment Plan

4. Ethical and Legal Issues in Treatment Planning

Part II: Phases of the Treatment Plan

5. The Systemic Phase of Treatment

6. The Acute Phase of Treatment

7. The Disease Control Phase of Treatment

8. The Definitive Phase of Treatment

9. The Maintenance Phase of Care

Part III: Planning Treatment for Patients with Special Needs

10. Treatment Planning for the Special Care/Special Needs Patient

11. Treatment Planning for Smokers and Patients with Oral Cancer

12. Treatment Planning for the Alcohol and Substance Abuser

13. The Anxious or Fearful Dental Patient

14. Managing the Patient with Psychological Problems

15. The Adolescent Patient

16. The Geriatric Patient

17. The Motivationally or Financially Impaired Patient