Immigrant Medicine, Text with CD-ROM

Immigrant Medicine

Text with CD-ROM

Edited by Patricia Frye Walker, MD, DTM&H, MD, DTM&H, Medical Director, HealthPartners Center for International Health, Assistant Professor, Dept of Internal Medicine, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota; and Elizabeth Day Barnett, MD, Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Boston University School of Medicine

James M. Jaranson, MD, MA, MPH, Consultant, Division of Epidemiology and Community Health, School of Public Health, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN; and William M. Stauffer, MD, MSPH & DTMH, Assistant Professor, Department of Internal Medicine, Division of Infectious Disease & International Medicine, School of Public Health, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN.

Section 1: Introduction to Immigrant Medicine

1. An Introduction to the Field of Refugee and Immigrant Healthcare (Walker & Barnett)
2. Compassion (Shlim)
3. Health and Well-being of Immigrants:The Healthy Migrant Phenomenon (Fennely)
4. Action Steps to Improve the Health of New Americans (Ohmans & Smith)
5. Language Assistance for Limited English Proficient Patients: Legal Issues (Hunt)
6. Communicating with Limited English Proficient Patients: Interpreter Services (Berg & van Dyke)
7. Multicultural Medicine (Culhane-Pera & Borkan)
8. Cultural Competence: A Patient-Based Approach to Caring for Immigrants (Green, Betancourt & Carillo)
9. Cultural Competence: Healthcare Disparities and Political Issues (Betancourt, Green, Carillo and Park)

Section 2: Medical Screenings and Immunizations for New Immigrants

10. Overseas Medical Screening for Immigrants and Refugees (Maloney, Ortega and Cetron)
11. US Medical Screening for Immigrants and Refugees: Public Health Issues.(Cochran, O'Fallon and Geltman)
12. US Medical Screening for Immigrants and Refugees: Clinical Issues.(Seybolt, Barnett & Stauffer)
13. Immunizations for Immigrants.(Barnett)

Section 3: Epidemiology of Diseases and Disorders in Immigrants (edited by Dr. W Stauffer)

14. Differential Diagnoses of Ill Immigrants by Organ System. (Neild & Rothenberger)
15. Diseases by Country of Origin (Wilson)
16. Diseases by Race/Ethnicity .(Summer & Stauffer)
17. Diseases with Long Latency Periods .(Boulware)
18. Emerging Infectious Diseases of Immigrant Patients .(Sellman & Pederson)

Section 4: Major Diseases and Disorders in Immigrants

19. Tuberculosis . (Bernardo)
20. Intestinal Parasites . (Mody)
21. Eosinophilia . (Kim & Nutman)
22. Hepatitis B: Global Epidemiology, Diagnosis, and Prevention . (Amstrong, Goldstein)
23. Management of Chronic Hepatitis B . (Ricci)
24. HIV Infection . (Crosby, Piwowarczyk & Cooper)
25. Skin Problems . .(Keystone)

Section 5: Additional Diseases and Disorders in Immigrants

26. Chagas? Disease (American Trypanosomiasis) (Maguire)
27. Taenia Solium and Neurocysticercosis .(White Jr and Yancey)
28. Echinococcosis . (Moro & Schantz
29. Giardiasis . ((Barnett). . . . . 421
30. Helicobacter Pylori. (Gebhard & Gebhard)
31. Hepatitis C. .(Amstrong & Williams)
32. Hookworm Infection. (Hotez)
33. Leishmaniasis . .(Juckett)
34. Leprosy . (Joyce)
35. Loiasis . .(Barnett)
36. Lymphatic Filariasis .(Barnett)
37. Malaria . (Stauffer)
38. Onchocerciasis . (Barnett)
39. Schistosomiasis . (Posey & Stauffer)
40. Strongyloides .(Boulware)

Section 6: Chronic Illness in Immigrants

41. Preventive Healthcare in Children . (Mody)
42. Preventive Healthcare and Management of Chronic Diseases in Adults. (Walker)
43. Women?s Health Issues (Bruce)
44. Women?s Reproductive Health . (Gagnon, Merry & Robinson)
45. Dental Diseases and Disorders. . (Cote & Singh)
46. Anemia and Red Blood Cell Disorders. (Hurley)

Section 7: Mental Health and Illness in Immigrants (edited by Dr. J Jaranson)

Overview of the Mental Health Section
47. Epidemiology and Risk Factors. (Jaranson, Ekblad, Kroupin & Eisenman)
48. Screening for Mental Health Problems and History of Torture .(Eisenman)
49. Diagnosis and Treatment of Mental Illness. (Kinzie, Jaranson & Kroupin)
50. Survivors of Torture: A Hidden Population .(Wenzel, Kastrup & Eisenman)
51. Interpersonal Violence Towards Women . (Ekblad, Kastrup, Eisenman & Arcel)
52. Children and Adolescents . (Ellis & Betancourt)

Section 8: Special Issues in Immigrant Medicine

53. Religion and Spirituality in the Lives of Immigrants in the United States (Barnes)
54. School Readiness and Bilingual Education .(Augustyn)
55. Vocational Considerations . (Piwowarczyk, Clark & Caballes)
56. Health Literacy. (Larsen)
57. Healthcare for Migrant Workers. (Piper-Jenks, Nolon & Dubois-Adach)
58. Visiting Friends and Relatives. .(Keystone)