Immunology, With STUDENT CONSULT Online Access, 7th Edition


7th Edition With STUDENT CONSULT Online Access

By David Male, MA, PhD, Professor of Biology, Department of Biological Sciences, The Open University, Milton Keynes, UK.; Jonathan Brostoff, MA, DM, DSc(Med), FRCP, FRCPath, Professor Emeritus of Allergy and Environmental Health, King's College London, London, UK; David Roth; and Ivan Roitt, MA, DSc (Oxon), Hon FRCP (Lond), FRCPath, FRS, Emeritus Professor of Immunology, Director of Institute of Biomedical Science, University College London Medical School, London, UK

1 Introduction to the immune system

Components of the Immune System

2 Cells, tissues and organs of the immune system

3 Antibodies

4 Complement

5 T cell receptors and MHC molecules

Modes of Immune Response

6 Mechanisms of innate immunity

7 Antigen presentation

8 The antibody response

9 Mononuclear phagocytes in immune defence

10 Cell mediated cytotoxicity

11 Regulation of the immune response

12 Immune responses in tissues

Defense Against Infectious Agents

13 Immunity to viruses

14 Immunity to bacteria and fungi

15 Immunity to protozoa and worms

16 Primary Immunodeficiency

17 AIDS and secondary immunodeficiency

18 Vaccination against infection

Immune Responses Against Tissues

19 Immunological tolerance

20 Autoimmune disease

21 Transplantation and rejection

22 Tumour immunotherapy


23 Type I hypersensitivity

24 Type II and III hypersensitivity - basic science

25 Type II and III hypersensitivity - clinical

26 Type IV hypersensitivity