Ultrasound Physics and Instrumentation, 4th Edition

Ultrasound Physics and Instrumentation

4th Edition

By Wayne R. Hedrick, PhD, Professor, Medical Radiation Biophysics, College of Medicine, Northeastern Ohio Universities, Rootstown, OH, USA; David L. Hykes, PhD, Consultant Medical Physicist, Medical Physics Services, Inc., Canton, OH, USA; and Dale E. Starchman, PhD, Professor, Medical Radiation Biophysics, College of Medicine, Mortheastern Ohio Universities, Rootstown, OH, USA

1. Basic Ultrasound Physics
2. Attenuation in Tissue
3. Computer Fundamentals
4. Single Element Transducers
5. Pulse Transmission and Echo Reception
6. Static Imaging
7. Real-Time Ultrasound Imaging Principles
8. Real-Time Ultrasound Transducers
9. Real-Time Ultrasound Instrumentation
10. Digital Signal and Image Processing
11. Image Quality in Real-Time Ultrasound
12. Real-Time Image Artifacts
13. Hemodynamics
14. Doppler Physics and Instrumentation
15. Pulsed-Wave Doppler Spectral Analysis
16. Doppler Imaging
17. M-Mode
18. Contrast Agents
19. Image Recording Devices
20. PACS
21. Intensity and Power
22. Biological Effects
23. Clinical Safety
24. Performance Testing
25. Quality Control

Appendix A. Review of Mathematics
Appendix B. Fourier Analysis
Appendix C. Answers to Review Questions
Mock Registry Exam