Core Knowledge in Orthopaedics: Hand, Elbow, and Shoulder

Core Knowledge in Orthopaedics: Hand, Elbow, and Shoulder

By Thomas E. Trumble, MD, Associate Professor, Chief of Hand and Microvascular Surgery Service Department of Orthopaedics, University of Washington Medical Center, Seattle, WA; Roger Cornwall, MD, Pediatric Hand and Upper Extremity Surgeon, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Assistant Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery, University of Philadelphia School of Medicine, Philadelphia, PA; and Jeffrey Budoff, MD, Assistant Professor, Hand and Upper Extremity Institute, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Houston, Texas

Chapter 1: Anatomy and Physical Examination of the Hand
Joseph A. Izzi, Jr., and Thomas E. Trumble

Chapter 2: Phalangeal Fractures and Dislocations
Joseph F. Slade III and David P. Magit

Chapter 3: Fractures and Dislocations Involving the Metacarpal Bone
Andrew D. Markiewitz

Chapter 4: Fractures and Dislocations of the Thumb
John S. Taras, and Stephen M. Hankins

Chapter 5: Thumb Reconstruction
Alexander D. Mih

Chapter 6: Distal Radius Fractures
John Jiulianlo and Jesse Jupiter

Chapter 7: DRUJ, TFCC Injuries, and Ulnar Sided Wrist Pain
Pamela E. Glennon, Brian D. Adams, and Claudia N. Martinez, MPH

Chapter 8: Scaphoid Fractures and Nonunions
Victoria D. Knoll and Thomas E. Trumble

Chapter 9: Carpal Bone Fractures Excluding the Scaphoid
Khemarin Seng and Philip Blazar

Chapter 10: Carpal Instability Including Dislocations
Alecander Y. Shin and Steven L. Moran

Chapter 11: Osteonecrosis of the Carpus
Christopher Allan

Chapter 12: Flexor Tendon Injuries
Mark Rekant

Chapter 13: Extensor Tendon Repair and Reconstruction
Lisa L. Lattanza and Emily Anne Hattwick

Chapter 14: Tenosynovitis: Trigger Finger, Dequervain?s Syndrome, FCR and ECU
Ionnis Sarris, Nicholaos A. Darlis, Douglas Musgrave, and Dean G. Sotereanos

Chapter 15: Nerve Physiology and Repair
Mihye Choi and David T. W. Chiu

Chapter 16: Compression Neuropathy
A. Lee Dellon, MD

Chapter 17: Complex regional Pain Syndrome
Evan D. Collins

Chapter 18: Tendon transfers for Peripheral Nerve Injuries
Daniel N. Switlick and Joseph E. Sheppard

Chapter 19: Dupuytren?s Disease
John D. Lubahn

Chapter 20: Fingertip Injuries, Nailbed Injuries, and Amputations
Owen J. Moy and Loretta Coady, MD

Chapter 21: Soft-Tissue Coverage of the Hand
Arshad Muzaffar

Chapter 22: Hand Infections
Roger Cornwall

Chapter 23: Replantation
Michael S. Murphy and James P. Higgins

Chapter 24: Osteoarthritis of the Hand and Wrist
Michael E. Leit and Matthew M. Tomaino

Chapter 25: Rheumatoid Arthritis-Hand and Wrist-Skeletal Reconstruction
Anthony M. Sestero, Peter J. Stern, and Leigh S. French

Chapter 26: Rheumatoid Arthritis-Hand and Wrist-Soft Tissue Reconstruction
Peter J.L. Jebson

Chapter 27: Soft Tissue Neoplasm: Benign and Malignant
Peter M. Murray

Chapter 28: Bone Tumors: Benign and Malignant
Keith B. Raskin and David P. Moss

Chapter 29: Pediatric Hand Trauma
Roger Cornwall and Peter M. Waters

Chapter 30: Congenital Anomalies of the Upper Extremity
Roger Cornwall and Scott H. Kozin

Chapter 31: The Management of the Upper Extremity in Cerebral Palsy and Following Brain Injury in Adulthood
Michael R. Hausman and James M Savundra

Chapter 32: Tetraplegia
Michael W. Keith

Chapter 33: Forearm Anatomy and Forearm Fractures
David Ring

Chapter 34: Elbow Anatomy and Physical Examination
Christopher H. Veneziano, Matthew J. Nofziger, and Robert P. Nirschl

Chapter 35: Tendon Injuries about the Elbow
Jeffrey E. Budoff

Chapter 36: Elbow Instability
David S. Ruch and Anastasios Papadonikolakis

Chapter 37: Fractures of the Elbow
Mark E. Baratz and Ajay K. Seth

Chapter 38: Elbow Arthritis
Steven H. Goldberg, Mark S. Cohen, and Leonid I. Katolik

Chapter 39: Humeral Shaft Fractures
Lisa Taitsman

Chapter 40: Examination of the Shoulder
Jeffrey E. Budoff

Chapter 41: Tendinopathies about the Shoulder
Jeffrey E. Budoff

Chapter 42: Glenohumeral Instability, Adhesive Capsulitis, and SLAP Lesions
Jeffrey E. Budoff

Chapter 43: Shoulder Fractures
David Barei

Chapter 44: Shoulder Arthritis
Phani Dantuluri