Joint Mobilization/Manipulation, Extremity and Spinal Techniques, 2nd Edition

Joint Mobilization/Manipulation

2nd Edition Extremity and Spinal Techniques

By Susan L. Edmond, PT, DSC, OCS and Susan L. Edmond, PT, DSC, OCS

1. Introduction
2. Principles of Examination, Evaluation and Intervention
The Appendicular Skeletal System
3. The Shoulder
4. The Elbow
5. The Wrist and Hand
6. The Hip
7. The Knee and Lower Leg
8. The Ankle and Foot
The Axillary Skeletal System
9. Introduction to the Axillary Skeletal System
10. The Temporomandibular Joint
11. The Cervical Spine
12. The Thoracic Spine
13. The Lumbar Spine
14. The Pelvic Joints