Drug Calculations Online for Ogden Calculation of Drug Dosages (Access Code), 8th Edition

Drug Calculations Online for Ogden Calculation of Drug Dosages (Access Code)

8th Edition

By Sheila J. Ogden, RN, MSN, Orthopaedics Program Director, Clarian Health Partners, Indianapolis, IN, USA; Angela Koller; and Linda Fluharty, RN, MSN, Associate Professor, ASN Program, Ivy Tech State College, Indianapolis, IN

Module 1: Math review

Math review






Post test

Module 2: Units and Measurements for the Calculation of Drug Dosages

Metric to Household Measurements

Apothecaries and Household Measurements

Equivalents between Apothecary and Metric Measurements

Module 3: Preparation for Calculation of Drug Dosages

Safety in Medication Administration

Interpretation of Physician?s Orders

How to Read Drug Labels

Module 4: Calculation of Drug Dosages

Oral Dosages

Parenteral Dosages

Dosages Measured in Units

Intravenous Flow Rates

Critical Care Intravenous Flow Rate

Pediatric Dosages

Module 5: Drug Administration Considerations

Automated Medication Dispensing Systems

Special Considerations for the Administration of Medications to the Elderly

Home Care Considerations in the Administration of Medications

Comprehensive Test