Pass CCRNŽ!, 3rd Edition


3rd Edition

By Robin Donohoe Dennison, DNP, RN, CCNS, Critical Care Consultant, Lexington, Kentucky, USA

1. The Critical Care Certification Examination

2. Cardiovascular System: Physiology and Assessment

3. Cardiovascular System: Pathologic Conditions

4. Pulmonary System: Physiology, Assessment, and Ventilatory Support

5. Pulmonary System: Pathologic Conditions

6. Neurologic System: Physiology, Assessment, and Intracranial Hypertension

7. Neurologic System: Pathologic Conditions

8. Gastrointestinal System

9. Renal System

10. Endocrine System

11. Hematologic and Immunologic Systems

12. Multisystem

13. Professional Caring and Ethical Practice


A. Selected Nursing Diagnoses Commonly See in Critically Ill Patients

B. Common Abbreviations Used in Critical Care

C. Normal Laboratory Values

D. Formulae Significant to Critical Care Nursing

E. Critical Care Pharmacology: Selected Drugs Frequently Used in Critical Care