Managing Client Care, 3rd Edition

Managing Client Care

3rd Edition

By Elizabeth F. Wywialowski, EdD, MS, BSN, CRRN, RN

UNIT ONE: Understanding the Client Care Environment
1. Introduction to Client Care Management
2. Understanding the Context of Health Care
3. Supporting the Organization
4. Managing Time Purposefully
UNIT TWO: Managing Client Care
5. Managing Resources Cost Effectively
6. Developing Management Skills
7. Identifying and Resolving Conflicts
8. Receiving and Giving Change-of-Shift Reports
9. Transcribing Physician's "Orders"
UNIT THREE: Managing Others
10. Using Personal Strengths to Manage Others Creatively
11. Coordinating Care Provided by Nursing, Multidisciplinary and Interdisciplinary Groups
12. Supervising and Evaluating the Work of Others
13. Assigning and Delegating Client Care Activities
14. Conducting Client Care Conferences as a Management Tool
UNIT FOUR: Professional Development
15. Addressing Ethical and Legal Issues
16. Nurturing Professional Integrity
EPILOGUE: Managing Your Career