Motor Speech Disorders, Substrates, Differential Diagnosis, and Management, 2nd Edition

Motor Speech Disorders

2nd Edition Substrates, Differential Diagnosis, and Management

By Joseph R Duffy, PhD

Part 1: Substrates
1. Defining, Understanding, and Categorizing Motor Speech Disorders
2. Neurologic Bases of Motor Speech and its Pathologies
3. Examination of Motor Speech Disorders
Part 2: The Disorders and Their Diagnoses
4. Flaccid Dysarthria
5. Spastic Dysarthria
6. Ataxic Dysarthria
7. Hypokinetic Dysarthria
8. Hyperkinetic Dysarthria
9. Unilateral Upper Motor Neuron Dysarthria
10. Mixed Dysarthrias
11. Apraxia of Speech
12. Neurogenic Mutism
13. Other Neurogenic Speech Disturbances
14. Acquired Psychogenic Speech Disturbances
15. Differential Diagnosis
Part 3: Management
16. Managing Motor Speech Disorders: General Principles
17. Managing the Dysarthrias
18. Managing Apraxia of Speech
19. Managing Other Neurogenic Speech Disturbances
20. Managing Acquired Psychogenic Speech Disorders