Procedures for Primary Care Practitioners, 2nd Edition

Procedures for Primary Care Practitioners

2nd Edition

By Marilyn Winterton Edmunds, RN, PhD, Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing; Baltimore, Maryland.; and Maren Stewart Mayhew, MS, ANP/GNP, Nurse Practitioner, Private Practice, Bethesda, MD

Alphabetical Procedure List
1. Issues Relating to Primary Care Procedures NEW!
2. General Laboratory Procedures
Basic concepts of specimen collection
Blood cultures
Finger stick blood glucose testing
3. Dermatological Procedures
Skin Preparation
Wound care
Topical application of hemostatic agents NEW!
Anesthesia ? topical, local & digital nerve block
Suturing simple lacerations
Suture removal NEW!
Wound closure with topical skin adhesive NEW!
Staple insertion and removal NEW and ADVANCED!
Skin lesion removal
Excision biopsy (elliptical) ADVANCED!
Punch biopsy NEW and ADVANCED!
Shave biopsy NEW and ADVANCED!
Wart removal
Abscess incision and drainage
Cyst removal
Skin tag removal
Skin Specimen Collection
Scabies scraping NEW!
Herpes scraping ? Tzanck smear NEW!
Fungal scraping ? the KOH test
Other Types of Wound Care
Care of first and second degree burns NEW!
Ulcer debridement
Unna paste boot and debridement for stasis, ischemic and diabetic foot ulcers NEW!
Foot and Nail Care
Nail care in the at-risk patient NEW!
Corn and callus management
Ingrown toenail and paronychia management
Subungual hematoma evacuation
Nail avulsion NEW!
Skin Trauma Resulting from Bites or Foreign Objects
Animal and human bites NEW!
Fishhook removal NEW!
Tick removal
Foreign body removal from skin NEW!
Ring removal NEW!
Body piercing NEW!
Skin caught in zipper NEW!
4. Eye, Ear, Nose, and Mouth Procedures
Eye Procedures
Removal of foreign body from the eye
Treatment of corneal abrasion
Ear Procedures
Removal of foreign body from the ear
Cerumen disimpaction
Tympanometry NEW!
Audiometry NEW!
Nose Procedures
Epistaxis and nasal packing
Removal of foreign body from the nose
Mouth Procedures
Tooth avulsion and fracture NEW!
5. Respiratory Procedures
Nebulizer treatment
Peak flow meter NEW!
6. Cardiovascular Procedures
Continuous electrocardiography (Holter monitoring)
Doppler ultrasound of lower extremities
7. Gastrointestinal Procedures
Nasogastric tube insertion and removal
Gastric lavage
Rectal prolapse reduction
Treatment for Hemorrhoids NEW!
8. Orthopedic Procedures
Fracture immobilization
Splinting ? wrist and hand
Splinting ? ankle sprains
Reduction of subluxed radial head
Arthrocentesis and joint or bursae injection NEW and ADVANCED!
Ganglion cyst aspiration NEW!
9. Genitourinary Procedures NEW!
Prostate massage NEW!
Bedside cystometrogram
Self-injection treatments for impotence NEW!
Urine culture
10. Women?s Health Procedures
Papanicolaou smear test
The wet mount
Treatment of condylomata acuminata
Pessary use
Diaphragm fitting
Cervical cap placement
Injectable contraceptives
Norplant insertion and removal NEW and ADVANCED!
Incision and drainage of Bartholin cyst NEW and ADVANCED!
Intrauterine device (IUD) NEW and ADVANCED!
11. General Procedures of X-Ray Interpretation
A: Sample checklist for certification
B: Informed consent form
C: Sample patient education handout