Diabetes, Best Practice & Research Compendium


Best Practice & Research Compendium

By Anthony H. Barnett, MB BS, BSc (Hons), MD, FRCP, Professor of Medicine, University of Birmingham, Consultant Physician and Head of Diabetes Services, Birmingham Heartlands and Solihull NHS Trust (Teaching), Birmingham, UK

What is diabetes?
How is diabetes diagnosed?
The epidemiology of type 2 diabetes and current measurement techniques
The aetiology and genetics of type 1 diabetes
The aetiology of type 2 diabetes
The genetics of type 2 diabetes
Acute complications: hypoglycaemia, keto-acidosis and hyperosmolar coma
Diabetes as a cardiovascular disease
Update on diagnosis, prevention and management of diabetic nephropathy
Painful diabetic neuropathy
Diabetic foot problems
Multiprofessional care
Diabetic dyslipidaemia
Diabetes and hypertension
What are the consequences of glucose intolerance in pregnancy?
Predicting and preventing the development of type 1 diabetes: present status and prospects
Prospects for predicting and preventing the development of type 2 diabetes
New oral agents for type 2 diabetes
Insulin analogues
Future therapies in diabetes
Islet cell transplantation in the treatment of diabetes