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Current Problems in Surgery

Current Problems in Surgery keeps readers up-to-date on the latest surgical advances. Each month, this publication examines a single clinical problem or condition commonly seen by general surgeons. Issues also focus on topics in surgical research and emerging ideas in surgical subspecialties. Current Problems in Surgery is ideal for information too urgent to await book publication, yet too important to be summarized in a brief journal article.

2012 Topics, Volume 49

Advances in Preoperative Risk Assessment and Management

Angela M. Bader

Current Management of Short Bowel Syndrome

Jon S. Thompson, Fedja A. Rochling, Rebecca A. Weseman, and David F. Mercer

Primary Vascular Infection

R. James Valentine and Jayer Chung

Unexpected Gynecological Findings During Abdominal Surgery

Casey A. Boyd and Taylor S. Riall

Contemporary Issues in Rural Surgery

Thomas H. Cogbill, Joseph B. Cofer, and Benjamin T. Jarman

Surgery in Pregnancy

Stephen R.T. Evans, Babak Sarani, Parag Bhanot, and Elizabeth Feldman

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    Stanley W. Ashley MD

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Current Problems in Surgery
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