Practice Knowledge & Expertise Health Prof

Section One - Knowledge and Practice: Professional practice and knowledge; The knower, the knowing and the known: Threads in the woven tapestries of knowledge; Social and cultural perspectives on professional knowledge and expertise; Integrating knowledge and practice in medicine; The nature of professional craft knowledge; Professionalization and professional craft knowledge; Explicating, creating and validating professional craft knowledge; Section Two - Professional Craft Knowledge and Expertise: Professional expertise; Skilled companionship in professional practice; Critical companionship: A conceptual framework for developing expertise; Personal frames of reference in professional practice; Patient-centred practice: An emerging focus for nursing expertise; Acting and the limits of professional craft knowledge; Professional practice: Artistry and connoisseurship; Section Three - Practice Knowledge in Action: Reflection as a tool for exploring professional practice knowledge and expertise; Facilitating the acquisition of craft knowledge through supported reflection; Using reflective group supervision to enhance practice knowledge; Professional craft knowledge and ethical decision making; Transferring professional craft knowledge across cultural contexts; Learning together: Fostering professional craft knowledge development in clinical placements; Facilitating the development of professional craft knowledge; Professional craft knowledge and curricula: what are really teaching?; Using practical knowledge of the creative arts to foster learning; Research knowledge: mastery and mystery; Research and professional craft knowledge; Professional craft knowledge and power relationships; Section Four - Reflections: A dynamic framework for the enhancement of health professional practice in an uncertain world: the practice-knowledge interface