Workbook for Radiologic Science for Technologists, Physics, Biology, and Protection, 10th Edition


Part I: Radiologic Physics

1. Essential Concepts of Radiologic Science

2. The Structure of Matter

3. Electromagnetic Energy

4. Electricity, Magnetism, and Electromagnetism

Part II: X-Radiation

5. The X-ray Imaging System

6. The X-ray Tube

7. X-ray Production

8. X-ray Emission

9. X-ray Interaction with Matter

Part III: The Radiographic Image

10. Concepts of Radiographic Image Quality

11. Control of Scatter Radiation

12. Screen-Film Radiography

13. Screen-Film Radiographic Technique

Part IV: The Digital Radiographic Image

14. Computers in Medical Imaging

15. Computed Radiography

16. Digital Radiography

17. Digital Radiographic Technique  NEW!

Part V: Image Artifacts and Quality Control

18. Viewing the Digital Radiographic Image

19. Screen-Film Radiographic Artifacts

20. Screen-Film Radiographic Quality Control

21. Digital Radiographic Artifacts

Part VI: Advanced X-Ray Imaging

22. Mammography -- Digital Radiographic Quality Control

23. Mammography

24. Mammography Quality Control

25. Fluoroscopy

26. Digital Fluoroscopy

27. Interventional Radiography

28. Computed Tomography

Part VII: Viewing The Digital Image

29. Features of the Digital Image

30. The Digital Image Display  NEW!

31. Viewing the Digital Image

32. Digital Display Device Quality Control

Part VIII: Radiobiology

33. Human Biology

34. Fundamental Principles of Radiobiology

35. Molecular and Cellular Radiobiology

36. Deterministic Effects of Radiation Exposure

37. Stochastic Effects of Radiation Exposure

Part IX: Radiation Protection

38. Health Physics

39. Designing for Radiation Protection

40. Patient Radiation Dose Management

41. Occupational Radiation Dose Management

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