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Motion Preservation Surgery of the Spine E-Book


New motion-preserving devices are revolutionizing spine surgery…but the learning curve for these operations is steep, and great attention must be given to patient and device selection and the perfect execution of each procedure. Only one reference spells out exactly how to perform these new techniques…and its peerless author team, comprised of key investigators involved in the devices' actual clinical trials, is uniquely qualified to help you get the best results! These global leaders in this area discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the full range of non-fusion technologies…and present the step-by-step, richly illustrated operative guidance you need to achieve optimal outcomes!

Key Features

    • Select the best device and approach for each patient!
      * cervical total disc arthroplasty
      * lumbar total disc arthroplasty
      * lumbar partial disc replacement: nucleus replacement
      * lumbar posterior dynamic stabilization: pedicle screw based
      * lumbar posterior dynamic stabilization: interspinous based
      * lumbar facet replacement
    • Produce optimal outcomes with detailed advice on…
      * advantages and disadvantages of each option
      * indications and contraindications
      * patient selection
      * interpretation of imaging studies
      * surgical anatomy and biomechanics
      * surgical techniques
      * tips and pearls
    • See how to perform each technique, thanks to step-by-step, full-color illustrations


Author Information

    By James J. Yue, MD, Associate Professor, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Co-Chief Division of Spine Surgery, Director, Yale University Spine Fellowship, Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, CT

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Motion Preservation Surgery of the Spine E-Book
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  • Imprint: Saunders
  • Copyright: 2008