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Netter's Histology Flash Cards


Take your understanding of histology one step further with this set of Flash Cards. Specially designed to help you master what you need to know, these cards are designed to reinforce your understanding of how the human body works in health as well as illness and injury. Classic illustrations from medical illustrator Frank H. Netter, MD provide strong visual aids and memorable diagrams to facilitate learning. Extensive additional images including light and electron micrographs, provide an even more comprehensive study experience.

Table of Contents

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Key Features

    • Over 200 concise, beautifully illustrated cards highlighting salient microscopic features of cells, tissues, and organs of the body.
    • At-a-glance organization to help you recognize and interpret microscopic sections quickly.
    • Detailed coverage of basic biological and histological principles.
    • Reinforce knowledge of clinical relevance of histological structure and function.
    • The perfect companion to the Netter's Essential Histology text, from the same trusted authors.
    • Completely cross-referenced to the Netter's Essential Histology text, for even more crucial information.

Published Reviews

    "This set of glossy 4” x 6” flash cards, intended as a study tool for medical and other health professions students, is the only set of histology flash cards so far on the market..... The illustrations are of exceptionally high quality and beautifully organized, and the content is accurate and relevant.... Having made these observations, I would stress that the overall impression of the cards is very strongly positive. The authors are to be commended for producing an excellent study tool for contemporary integrated curricula." -American Association of Anatomists News

    "The flash cards effectively cover all aspects of histology....They are presented in the traditional chapter format of the majority of textbooks on the subject. The photographs are color corrected and sized appropriately. The Netter illustrations are excellent and the authors often correlate the color drawings with the associated photographs primarily by dual labeling, an excellent technique....The authors have taken a well known and effective educational tool and created a high quality product that also can be used with the associated textbook." -Doody's Review Service

Author Information

    By William K. Ovalle, PhD, University of British Columbia, Department of Cellular and Physiological Sciences, Vancouver, BC, Canada; and Patrick C. Nahirney, PhD, Bethesda, MD

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