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Comprehensive Neonatal Care, 4th Edition

An Interdisciplinary Approach


Comprehensive Neonatal Care: An Interdisciplinary Approach provides a comprehensive physiologic and pathophysiologic approach to neonatal nursing management. Includes a complete physiologic and embryonic foundation for each neonatal system, as well as coverage of associated risk factors, genetics, critical periods of development, nutrition, and parenting.

Table of Contents

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New to This Edition

    • Prenatal and Postpartal Risk Factors chapter discusses health risks affecting fetuses and neonates.
    • Resuscitation and Stabilization of the Infant chapter includes only the most current and relevant resuscitation concepts and practices.
    • Genetic Influences on Newborn and Infant Health chapter covers the many roles genetics can play in neonatal health.
    • Explores the latest issues and trends in developmental care.
    • New advanced management content has been added throughout systems chapters.
    • Includes additional algorithms.
    • Addition of second color improves readability and enhances illustrations.

Key Features

    • Detailed discussions of each organ system include assessment and management strategies, complications, and new technologies.
    • A collaborative approach unites medical, surgical, and psychosocial care.
    • Clinical decision-making rationales are supported with the latest research.
    • Discusses appropriate diagnostic tests and interpretation in each chapter.
    • Emphasizes the role of the family in the continuum of care.
    • Evolve website includes case studies with exam questions, resource information on neonatal nursing standards, competency-based education, and tools for family-centered care. Also includes resources from the companion handbook and new 3-D animations.

Author Information

    By Carole Kenner, DNS, RNC-NIC, FAAN, Associate Dean School of Nursing, Bouve College of Health Sciences Boston, Massachusettes and Judy Wright Lott, DSN, RNC, NNP, Professor and Dean, Louise Herrington School of Nursing, Baylor University, Dallas, TX

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Comprehensive Neonatal Care, 4th Edition
  • Hardcover
  • 768 Pages
  • Trim Size: 8 1/2 X 10 7/8 in
  • Imprint: Saunders
  • ISBN: 978-1-4160-2942-7
  • Copyright: 2007