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Henry's Clinical Diagnosis and Management by Laboratory Methods, 21st Edition


Required reading in clinical pathology since 1908! Comprehensive coverage gives you an in-depth understanding of lab test selection and interpretation of results. A new full-color layout makes reference much easier. What's more, new chapters on laboratory regulations, nutrition, point-of-care testing, bioterrorism, proteomics, microarray analysis, and the human genome project - as well as a completely new section on cancer testing and meticulous updates from cover to cover - put all the latest, most essential knowledge at your fingertips.

Table of Contents

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New to This Edition

    • Presents a new full-color layout, many new color illustrations and visual aids, and a new organ-system organization to make reference easier and faster.
    • Provides new chapters on Proteomics, Microarray Analysis, and Human Genome Project in Laboratory-Based Diagnostics - authored by pioneering experts who helped originate these techniques.
    • Delivers a new chapter on Laboratory Regulations that details stringent new guidelines in the U.S. and abroad (such as CLIA88 and HIPAA), inspection, accreditation, and proficiency testing.
    • Includes a completely new section on Cancer Testing that covers all aspects of molecular cancer testing, oncoproteins and early tumor detection, and tumor markers.
    • Incorporates sweeping updates on instrumentation and clinical laboratory automation · medicolegal aspects of environmental toxicology, occupational exposures, and workplace/employment drug testing · molecular microbiology testing · bioterrorism · nutritional status testing · point-of-care testing · and many other evolving topics.
    • Offers an increased emphasis on error detection, correction, and prevention as well as cost-effective test selection.

Key Features

    • Describes the scientific foundation, and clinical application of today's complete range of laboratory tests.
    • Delivers quick and easy access to information with a superb organization that lends itself to continuous reading as well as specific, on-the-spot referencing of a particular problem or condition.

    Published Reviews

      "A wonderful, clear, practical and thorough reference book for a multidisciplinary pathology laboratory. It contains a wealth of practical laboratory experience." BMA Awards 2007

      "In my opinion,Clinical Diagnosis continues to be the best reference for clinical pathology. I strongly recommend it to those studying clinical pathology, as well as those interested in various aspects of interpreting laboratory tests as they apply to clinical care. I especially recommend that those owning Clinical Diagnosis older than the 20th edition should purchase this edition, since it is much improved and contains new material. Few textbooks have been published as long as Clinical Diagnosis. This edition ensures that it will continue into a second century of publication." JAMA, April 25, 2007 - Vol 297, No. 16

      "This book remains the recognized authoritative book for laboratory medicine. This edition has upheld superbly the longstanding tradition of excellence associated with this book. Just get it." Doody's, March 2007

      "Clinical Diagnosis continues to be the best reference for clinical pathology." JAMA, 2008

      "The definitive reference in the field of clinical pathology...Required for both beginners and experts alike." JAMA

    Author Information

      Edited by Richard A. McPherson, MD, Professor and Chairman, Division of Clinical Pathology, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia; and Matthew R. Pincus, MD, PhD, Professor, Department of Pathology, State University of New York Health Sciences Center at Brooklyn; Chairman, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, New York Harbor Veterans Affairs Health Care System, Brooklyn, NY

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    • Hardcover
    • Reference
    • 1472 Pages
    • Imprint: Saunders
    • ISBN: 978-1-4160-0287-1
    • Copyright: 2006