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Fingers and Thumbs

Toys and Activities for Children with Hand Problems


Fingers and Thumbs is the second book in a new series called Play can Help. This series is designed to provide a whole wealth of play ideas for children with specific needs. Other titles in the series include:

Look at it this Way: toys and activities for children with a visual impairment

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Published Reviews

    "Roma Lear ... worked for many years as a teacher and toy maker. She has collected the ideas throughout her career, which included setting up one the the first toy libraries for children with special needs. Many of the toys can be used by children with special needs, but could be used by all children who want something to play with.
    This softback book is pleasant to use. The pages turn easily and the text is well written. The book would be a delightful addition to a paediatric department library. It would also be useful for anyone involved with children as a parent or carer. It would allow everyone to have a bit of fun, with therapy as a bonus."Physiotherapy, May 2000
    and Thumbs is another delightful compilation of toys to make from Roma Lear this time for children who cannot use their hands as well as they might.
    A comparison to a cookery book sums up Fingers and Thumbs so well just as you can prepare a wonderful meal from what you have in your cupboard, so you can lovingly make a toy for your child from household items or left over pieces of material, wood or other odds and ends.
    In this throw away world, it s reassuring to know that pleasure can still be derived from creating toys such as those featured in the book. Children know that something has been made specially from them and their individual needs.
    Roma has been careful to emphasise the importance of using safe materials and the end results are both appealing and original.
    Although she would want to avoid the word, the book is another fine example of her unique Roma therapy!" Jennie Jones, The Greenwich Toy Library Association, Play Matters, April 2000
    book is divided into easy to read chapters targeting a specific hand skill such as buttering, and grasp and release. Each chapter begins with an overview of the skill addressed. Toys and activities within each chapter are organized according to degree of difficulty to construct, cost, and durability. A list of materials needed for construction, and clear instructions are provided. Illustrations in the form of drawings are provided for many of the items, and a list of mail order suppliers of craft supplies is included. ...this book is uniquely different. Each toy and activity included in this book was specifically chosen based on its ability to develop specific hand skills."Doody s Health Sciences Book Review Journal, January 2000
    book has some good quick and instant activity ideas, with some useful resource addresses. Each chapter focuses on a component of hand function and contains a wide range of practical ideas. This enables the reader to select the relevant chapter according to their specific need. ... a useful resource for anyone involved with children with special needs or hand function difficulties."Manual Therapy, March 2000
    and Thumbs will prove to be a valuable resource for any therapist requiring fun and insperational ideas for use with children with hand function problems.
    The ideas suggested can have a clear application during therapy suggestions but will appear incidental to the child.
    Tackling specific problems is made easy by the book s clear layout and freedom from jargon.
    It is felt that this book will motivate anyone interested in making therapy playful and fun." Jayne Murray, Senior Occupational Therapist, Enfeild, North London

Author Information

    By Roma Lear

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Fingers and Thumbs
  • Paperback
  • Reference
  • 160 Pages
  • Imprint: Butterworth-Heinemann
  • ISBN: 978-0-7506-2524-1
  • Copyright: 1999