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Emergency Medicine MCQs


"This is a really great study aid and I really enjoyed going through it for this review." From the African Journal of Emergency Medicine

An invaluable self-assessment tool for emergency medicine trainees in Australasia.

Emergency Medicine MCQs is an essential resource for Australasia’s emergency medicine trainees.

A practical self-assessment tool, the book assists trainees as they expand and refine their knowledge of emergency medicine, and will ultimately help them pass the Australasian Emergency Medicine Fellowship examination (FACEM).

The multiple-choice questions in Emergency Medicine MCQs cover both the core and non-core areas in the Australasian Emergency Medicine Fellowship.  Using this text, trainees can revise alone or with their peers to identify the areas in which they need further development.

The curriculum is divided into three main areas where trainees require expert level of knowledge, high level of knowledge and general level of knowledge. It covers important clinical problems encountered in everyday emergency medicine practice - from cardiovascular emergencies through to obstetric and gynaecology emergencies, disaster management and toxicology.

As well as being ideal for emergency medicine trainees qualifying through AECM, the book is a useful resource for GPs taking the GEM qualification through ACEM and JMOs ‘on call’.

Plus, this emergency medicine text is accompanied by an app - a separate product containing 180 randomised multiple-choice questions on all the topics within the book.

Table of Contents

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Key Features

    • An emergency medicine test bank, with questions and answers sections
    • Filled with evidence-based, clinically oriented material, with references to currently relevant literature
    • Practice Exams in Emergency Medicine App will also be released in conjunction with this text and is sold separately for iPhone, iPad, Android phone and tablet.
    • Practice Exams in Emergency Medicine App features 3 exam papers and 60 MCQs reflecting topics covered in the core curriculum of the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine fellowship program.

Published Reviews

    Summary:  This is a really great study aid and I really enjoyed going through it for this review.  I mainly work within a resource limited setting in Cape Town South Africa and found the majority of the content to be applicable also in this setting.  I had a few registrars look it over; big mistake, it took a lot of effort to get it back from them (probably not helped by the fact that exams were approaching).  Each medical school library needs about ten copies of this book.  As prices goes, this is probably not too expensive and I'd go for the iBook if I had an Apple device.  My only gripe is that it is not available on other mobile device platforms.

    Content: The content has clearly been well thought through.  The editors and authors should be proud of putting together such a nice, succinct study aid.  I really liked that content was divided up into sections as this will allow students to focus on particular areas which concerns them in their revision.  I went straight to the cardiology section and read the answers before reading the questions.  Interestingly although not designed for this purpose I simply cannot see why the book cannot be used in this fashion to highlight pearls outside of exam preparation time.  The answers are carefully referenced with the most pertinent references as far as I could tell (there are many).  I'm sure that astute users may find that some references should be included however, with publications such as these I'm sure that authors considered many more references than what is included in the end  product simply due to space.  In addition this is not a textbook but a study aid, and particularly one aimed at multiple choice questions.  So some omissions will not come as a surprise although I could not see that this detracts from the overall quality of the book in any way.

    Layout, format, etc.: The book is a handy size especially for students as it can easily be carried about or fit on the desk along with all the other revision materials.  I notice that the book can also be purchased as an iBook which means you don't even have to carry it around at all.  The layout is intuitive with questions separated into disciplines in the front half of the book.  The answers are separate from the questions in the back half of the book.  There is also an iPhone app with further questions and answers structured in a test-bank.  Although a great addition, especially to ensure content stays current, it is a shame that other mobile platforms are not supported.  It'll be interesting to see how the Emergency Medicine MCQs app stands up to similar apps currently on offer for free.  As an avid Android user I was sadly unable to review this part of the publication.   

    Reviewed by: African Journal of Emergency Medicine / Date: Sept 14

Author Information

    By Waruna De Alwis, MBBS FACEM, Emergency Medicine Consultant, Director of Emergency Medicine Training, Logan Hospital Meadowbrook, QLD, Australia and Yolande Weiner, MBChB, MMed EM (UCT), FCEM (SA), FACEM, Emergency Medicine Consultant, Logan Hospital, Meadowbrook, QLD, Australia

Customer Reviews

Emergency Medicine MCQs
  • Paperback
  • Reference
  • 440 Pages
  • Imprint: Churchill Livingstone
  • ISBN: 978-0-7295-4104-6
  • Copyright: 2013