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Energetics in Acupuncture E-Book


New title by the author of Cosmetic Acupuncture!

Energetics is an area of growing interest and importance in acupuncture. Acupuncture treatment aims to correct the imbalance of energy, or qi; energetics is a method of diagnosing which aspects of qi are out of balance.

Energetics in Acupuncture provides a straightforward diagnostic method of identifying which aspects of the qi are out of balance and therefore what acupuncture treatment is required.  One symptom can be caused by many different imbalances of organs and it is essential for the therapist to correctly diagnose the problem before commencing treatment.  Once the correct diagnosis is made, the relevant points can be treated with appropriate techniques.  The book takes a logical approach to diagnosis and provides relevant lines of questioning and reasoning.  


*Treatments are described for over 80 different diseases.

*Innovative visual 'towers' show clearly what an energy imbalance looks like

* Case studies illustrate imbalanced states.

Author Information

    By Radha Thambirajah, MD (China), MBAcA , Sutton Coldfield, UK and visiting lecturer in Germany, Spain, Greece, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark and Brazil

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Energetics in Acupuncture E-Book
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  • Copyright: 2011