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1500 Questions in Psychiatry E-Book

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(With Adobe DRM, readable with Adobe Digital Editions for PCs and Macs, and on most mobile devices except Kindle)
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The advent of Modernising Medical Careers (MMC), the Post Graduate Medical Education and Training Board [PMETB), and possibly other bodies yet to come will keep the format of the MRCPsych in a state of evolution for the foreseeable future. Preparing for changing exams formats poses an added challenge for candidates. Two things make this challenge less formidable that it may seem at first. Firstly, though the format of the exam may change, the core knowledge that it tests will not. Secondly, reformatting exams from scratch is an extremely time consuming process and therefore future exams are likely to be based on previous exam questions. At the current time, ISO are still intended to be part of the exam format.

In this book the authors have picked over 1500 questions which are at the heart of each topic in the syllabus. To save time, the book is organised into manageable chapters of 25 questions, each of which can be answered in 15 minutes. Each chapter covers one speciality only which will enable readers to access their knowledge in each area separately and hence identify their weak and strong areas.

This book provides a useful revision and teaching aid well beyond simple question and answering. It is likely to stand the reader in good stead in future examinations whatever the format.

Key Features

    • Prepared by organisers of the Cambridge MRCPych course, which has a pass rate nearly double the UK average
    • Offers a wide variety of questions on targeted, exam relevant topics together with explanatory answers with a level of detail beyond most self-testing books
    • Topics selected to reflect those most frequently found in real exams
    • Topics presented in managable chapters each containing 25 questions - ideal for 'dipping in and out' when time is limited
    • Answers contain full explanations and references for further detail, perfect for general revision and improving areas of need

Author Information

    By Albert Michael, MBBS, DPM, MD, FRCPsych, Consultant in Adult Psychiatry, West Suffolk Hospital, Bury St Edmunds, UK; Organiser, Cambridge MRCPsych Course, UK and Ben Underwood, MA, MBBS, MRCPsych, Specialist Registrar in Psychiatry, Cambridge, UK; Assistant Organiser, Cambridge MRCPsych Course, UK

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1500 Questions in Psychiatry E-Book
  • e-Book
  • Imprint: Churchill Livingstone
  • Copyright: 2007