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Fascial and Membrane Technique E-Book

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The fascial and membrane technique developed by Peter Schwind combines the fundamental thoughts from Ida Rolf´s Structural Integration with concepts of osteopathy, creating a successful combination of form-stabilizing and mobilizing techniques. The book emphasizes diagnosis and treatment of the breathing patterns manifest in the myofascial system; minimalistic as well as global application joint techniques; visceral techniques in the myofascial context; special treatment techniques in the craniosacral area and care of the upper jaw.

Key Features

    • Includes comprehensive information on therapy from head to foot with descriptions of the anatomic correlations.
    • Clearly describes the theoretical and practical principles so difficult concepts are easily understandable.
    • Detailed, easily transposed instructions about treatments allow the reader to put the concepts into practice with ease.
    • Photographically documented movements show real examples of topics discussed.

Author Information

    By Peter Schwind, PhD, Münchner Gruppe, Munich, Germany; Advanced instructor, European Rolfing Association, Munich, Germany; Advanced instructor, Rolf Institute of Structural Integration, USA

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Fascial and Membrane Technique E-Book
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  • Imprint: Churchill Livingstone
  • Copyright: 2007