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Migraine and Other Headaches

Your Questions Answered


This book, written in the popular Q and A format of the Your Questions Answered series, will provide sufficient information for a primary care doctor to be able to understand and treat patients with migraine. Answers are presented in a succinct, accessible style, with emphasis on evidence-based, up-to-date knowledge. Case studies are used to help illustrate patients' frequently asked questions.

Table of Contents

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Key Features

    • Uses a question-and-answer format to facilitate reference.
    • Provides information on other types of headache in addition to migraines.
    • Covers both common and uncommon clinical issues.
    • Uses case studies to answer questions frequently asked by patients and their families.
    • Lists useful web sites, associations, and patient resources.

Published Reviews

    "Comprehensive, easy to use and easy to read... An appropriate reference
    source for both the relative novice in headache management and the more
    experienced practitioner."Migraine Action Association UK, March 2003
    Questions Answered is a true breakthrough in health science publishing, for these are books that come with dual purpose -- meant for both the medical professional and the general reader alike. These books, written in an effortless question and answer format, educate by answering typical patient questions, reducing answers to the basics...
    Includes an extremely useful section that lists the contact information of various associations for the benefit of the headache suffer and his physician. Would be a useful addition to all high school, university and public libraries illuminating a condition that afflicts both the young and old throughout the world. Also recommended for pharmacies that sell reference manuals on health and fitness subjects."Electric Review, October 2003

Author Information

    By Andrew Dowson, MB, BS, Director of the King's Headache Service, King's College Hospital, London, UK

Customer Reviews

Migraine and Other Headaches
  • Paperback
  • Reference
  • 272 Pages
  • Trim Size: 7 3/4 X 9 7/16 in
  • Imprint: Churchill Livingstone
  • ISBN: 978-0-443-07339-7
  • Copyright: 2003