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Psychiatric Nursing, 7th Edition



  • Expected Release Date: 10.15.2014

Learn the therapeutic skills you need for your role in psychiatric nursing care! Psychiatric Nursing uses a practical, three-pronged approach to psychotherapeutic management that clearly explains how to care for patients with psychiatric disorders. It emphasizes the nurse's three primary tools: themselves, medications, and the environment. Written by Norman L. Keltner, Carol E. Bostrom, and Teena McGuinness, each an educator and advanced practice nurse, this text covers the latest trends and treatments and provides a solid, real-world foundation for the practice of safe and effective psychiatric nursing care.

Table of Contents

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New to This Edition

      • New! Chapter Forensic Psychiatric Treatment Settings

      Enhanced focus on psychiatric treatment in forensic environments and social implications for individuals, families, and communities. Addresses the realities of contemporary society where more individuals with mental illness are in jails than in hospitals.

      • New! Relevant QSEN competencies

      QSEN competencies will be integrated throughout the text. Offers a common sense, and how it applies to practice, approach will be used to highlight the competencies relevant to psych nursing care such as safety, communication, evidence based practice and others.

      • DSM-5

      Integrate the DSM-Vthroughout to make our text as current as possible. DSM-V content is to be released in Spring 2013. This textbook will be one of the first psych titles to be able to include alll relevant and updated content as well as including NANDA.

      • Evolve Student Resources: NCLEX Review Questions.

      Add more review questions covering concepts from the textbook likely to appear on class tests and the NCLEX exam. Deliver the learning resources students want and need in order to excel in their psychiatric nursing course and on the NCLEX exam.

      • Evolve Instructor Resources: TEACH for Nurses

      Created on textbook chapter Learning Objectives, these ready-made, modifiable lesson plans are a complete roadmap to link all parts of the educational package. Assists instructor’s with these concise and straight-forward lesson plans that can be modified or combined to meet particular scheduling and teaching needs.

Key Features

    • Unique! A practical three-pronged approach to psychotherapeutic management includes: 1) the therapeutic nurse-patient relationship, 2) psychopharmacology, and 3) milieu management.
    • Unique! Norm's Notes offer helpful tips from the lead author at the beginning of each chapter, making it easier to understand difficult topics.
    • Unique! Putting It All Together summaries are provided at the end of each chapter.
    • Patient and Family Education boxes highlight information that should be provided to patients and families.
    • Family Issues boxes highlight the issues families must confront when a member suffers from mental illness.
    • Nursing care plans emphasize assessment, planning, nursing diagnoses, implementation, and evaluation for specific disorders.
    • Case studies depict psychiatric disorders and show the development of effective nursing care strategies.
    • Clinical examples from the authors' own experiences illustrate concepts with real-life clinical situations.
    • Learning objectives at the beginning of each chapter preview the important principles to follow.
    • Study Notes summarize each chapter's important content.
    • Critical thinking questions help you expand your clinical reasoning skills.

Published Reviews

    • Full-text reviews of the current edition will be commissioned in anticipation of the revision.
    • First-draft manuscript of new key chapters will be reviewed by at least two nurse educators and/or clinicians for completeness and accuracy.
    • TestBank questions will be reviewed by at least one nurse educator for completeness and accuracy.

Author Information

    By Norman L. Keltner, EdD, RN, CRNP, Professor, School of Nursing, University of Alabama - Birmingham, Birmingham, AL and Debbie Steele

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Psychiatric Nursing, 7th Edition
  • Paperback
  • 576 Pages
  • Trim Size: 8 1/2 X 10 7/8 in
  • Imprint: Mosby
  • ISBN: 978-0-323-18579-0
  • Copyright: 2015