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Pediatric Respiratory Medicine E-Book, 2nd Edition

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PDF eBook $179.95
(With Adobe DRM, readable with Adobe Digital Editions for PCs and Macs, and on most mobile devices except Kindle)

Featuring the work of recognized worldwide experts, this user-friendly text presents the most current scientific information, diagnostic approaches, and management strategies for the care of children with acute and chronic respiratory diseases. A consistent chapter format enables you to rapidly and effortlessly locate the most current protocols on manifestations, etiologies, triggers, approaches to treatment, complications, and preventative strategies. And, a bonus website-new to this edition-features all of the book's illustrations and extensive reference lists for each chapter in electronic format for your personal use.

New to This Edition

    • Includes a separate website with all of the images from the text and extensive reference lists-downloadable for your personal use.
    • Provides the latest scientific information and diagnostic and management strategies for the care of children with respiratory illnesses.
    • Features a new, functional four-color design to help you identify important information quickly and differentiate between essential and extraneous material.
    • Presents cutting-edge coverage with new information on the biology of, and the influences on, the respiratory system during childhood, as well as the diagnosis and management of both common (ie, wheezing infant, cystic fibrosis, tuberculosis) and less common (ie, SARS, chest tumors, collagen vascular diseases, Familial Mediterranean Fever) conditions.

Key Features

    • Includes guidance on differential diagnosis to help you determine which disease or condition your patient may have.
    • Uses extensive color-coded algorithms to facilitate quick diagnosis, management, and treatment decisions.
    • Organizes material to parallel your clinical decision making process.
    • Provides expert guidance on what diagnostic tests to order for each patient-and how to interpret the results.
    • Presents important "take home" concepts within each chapter to help you recall clinical pearls.
    • Includes the most need-to-know basic science, focusing on providing clear implications for patient care.

Author Information

    By Lynn M. Taussig, MD, Special Advisor to the Provost, University of Denver, Denver CO, USA Formerly President and CEO (Retired), National Jewish Medical and Research Center, Denver, CO, USA Professor of Pediatrics, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Denver, CO, USA and Louis I. Landau, MD, FRACP, Executive Dean and Professor of Paediatrics, University of Western Australia, Perth, WA, Australia

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Pediatric Respiratory Medicine E-Book, 2nd Edition
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  • Imprint: Mosby
  • Copyright: 2008