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Mosby's Medical Terminology Flash Cards, 2nd Edition


Mosby's Medical Terminology Flash Cards are the ultimate study tool for students who want extra help memorizing the prefixes, suffixes, and combining forms used to build medical terms. This set includes 700 full-color illustrated cards that provide a fun, quick, and portable way to study. They provide word-building examples, common medical abbreviations, and even Spanish translations!

Table of Contents

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New to This Edition

    • The latest medical terms and abbreviations reflect current terminology.
    • New photos and line drawings further illustrate medical terms.
    • Spanish translations aid native Spanish speakers in learning English terms and native English speakers in caring for Spanish-speaking patients.

Key Features

    • Formatted for portable learning including hole-punched design and metal rings to assist with sorting, memorizing the prefixes, suffixes, and combining forms used to build medical terms
    • Indexed by body system so you can easily select terms to study
    • Full-color design with each component of medical terms printed in a different color makes cards visually attractive, easily identified, and fun to use
    • Full-color illustrations create a visual image connected to the term and help you remember the term and its definition
    • Word-building examples using component parts help you see how word parts are used to create medical terms
    • Alphabetical index in a companion booklet makes it easy to quickly locate a specific card

Author Information

    By Mosby

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